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5 Reasons To Try Tenuto 2 For Male Incontinence & Pelvic Floor Therapy

Vibratory stimulation is a proven solution for Pelvic Floor Therapy. Designed by leading Urologists, this clinically proven, FDA Class 2 device delivers precise vibrations around the perineum to stimulate and improve the male pelvic floor muscles.


Trusted by 100,000 patients worldwide.
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1. Ultra-flexible

Tenuto 2 is the world’s first wearable vibrating device designed to help improve the male pelvic floor.

Its revolutionary body-adapting material stretches to comfortably fit 90% of body shapes & sizes.

This allows the device to sit comfortably under the perineum & deliver precise vibrations on your pelvic floor muscles and stimulate Kegel exercises automatically.

2. Say goodbye to incontinence

The multi award-winning Tenuto 2 is significant for anyone struggling from incontinence, erection and ejaculation issues.

Tenuto 2’s four strategically placed motors simultaneously stimulates the penis & perineum and also helps with dryness issues for the partner.

3. Improved pelvic health

Worried about not being able to be confident again? Gain your intimacy back with powerful and effective pelvic floor therapy.

Help yourself and your relationship. Unlike other devices, Tenuto 2's highly malleable materials make itvery comfortable to wear and use..

4. Medically designed, Clinically proven

Tenuto 2’s patented technology is made with strong, malleable electronics that bend with the product without tearing and intricate circuits with defence-grade components.

In a medical study, Tenuto was shown to improve male sexual function by over 2x. The findings were published in the world-renowned Journal of Sexual Medicine.

5. No more awkward pharmacy visit

Unlike medical interventions, Tenuto 2 is a one-time purchase and offers an affordable, accessible solution without the side effects.

It can also be a great solution for people with underlying health conditions and cannot use traditional solutions.

Say goodbye to those uncomfortable pharmacy trips. We deliver discreetly to your door with fast free shipping on every order.

“Tenuto 2 helped me regain my pelvic floor health after colorectal cancer surgery.”

John, NY



Designed to adapt to different penises & deliver multiple targeted vibrations exactly where you need it.


Easily stretch Tenuto 2 to fit 90% of flaccid penises. Let go to grip around the penis & maintain the erection.


Experience powerful vibrations on the penis, perineum & scrotum and stimulate your partner's labia.


Controlled with an app. Choose from preset programs, or create your own to suit your needs.

What makes Tenuto 2 unique?

Tenuto 2 brings the best of health, wellbeing and technology together to be a device that is equally effective & desirable.

Tenuto 2
Generic Device
Clinical Device
Ease of Use
Premium Safe & Certified
Customization Adaptable shape & Vibrations
Price point Accessible Premium Product
Versatility For men & women
100% Showerproof Ease of use in wet conditions

Tenuto 2 Features & Dimensions

Benefits of Tenuto 2

If you're considering using vibration to address sexual health issues, consider these key benefits of Tenuto 2

Benefits of
Tenuto 2



What's in the box?

Beautiful silky smooth Tenuto 2 made from body-safe silicone
Quick Start guid
Charging USB cable
User guide
  • Beautiful silky smooth Tenuto 2 made from body-safe silicone
  • Box
  • Quick Start guide
  • Charging USB cable
  • User guide

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Tenuto 2’s patented technology delivers localized vibrational therapy to your pelvic floor muscles & stimulate Kegel exercises automatically.

Tenuto 2 also comes with a free smartphone app that enables the user to set the vibration pattern and intensity that is most suitable for them.

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Try out Tenuto 2:

  • Improve your pelvic floor health with this at-home device
  • Fit 90% of men comfortably and delivers 360° stimulation on the perineum
  • Alleviate incontinence from regular pelvic floor exercises
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Try out Tenuto 2 with Pjur Aqua:

  • Get Tenuto 2
  • Moisturise dry skin & provide gentle, soft, long-lasting care
  • Alleviate dryness & pain for your partner while elevating your intimacy
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Water resistant for fun in the shower, unbridled lube play and effortless cleaning.

Smart App

Preset patterns get you started and you can create vibrations and intensity patterns through the app.


USB charging so Tenuto 2 is set for hours of playtime. Recharge, ready to go.


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