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Tenuto Mini Male Incontinence & Pelvic Floor Therapy Device

Vibratory stimulation is a proven solution for Pelvic Floor Therapy. Designed by leading Urologists, this clinically proven, FDA Class 2 device delivers precise vibrations on the male genitalia to stimulate and improve the pelvic floor muscles.


1. Ultra-flexible

Tenuto Mini is a highly malleable, wearable device designed from revolutionary body-adapting material that stretches to comfortably fit 90% of body shapes & sizes.

This allows the device to sit comfortably on the male genitalia, deliver precise vibrations on your pelvic floor muscles and stimulate Kegel exercises automatically.

2. Say goodbye to incontinence

The multi award-winning Tenuto Mini is significant for anyone struggling from incontinence, erection and ejaculation issues.

Tenuto Mini’s 3 strategically placed motors simultaneously stimulates the male genitalia and also helps with dryness issues for the partner.

3. Improved pelvic health

Worried about not being able to be confident again? Gain your intimacy back with powerful and effective pelvic floor therapy.

Help yourself and your relationship. Unlike other devices, Tenuto Mini's highly malleable materials make it very comfortable to wear and use.

4. Medically designed, Clinically proven

Tenuto Mini’s patented technology is made with strong, malleable electronics that bend with the product without tearing and intricate circuits with defence-grade components.

In a medical study, Tenuto was shown to improve male sexual function by over 2x. The findings were published in the world-renowned Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Tenuto Mini Features & Dimensions